Our Sub-Aquatic Aproach to Coaching ~through seeing underneath the surface!


Daniel Smith is an underwater photographer and videographer whose work has been published in three swimming technique books from VeloPress, the top triathlon and swimming publisher. Smith has photographed more than a dozen elite American swimmers including 4X Olympian Sheila Taormina, Victor Plata, Peter Vanderkaay, Rebecca Soni, Aaron Peirsol, Rowdy Gaines, Ashley Whitney, Vlad Morozov, Ariana Kukors, Allison Schmitt, Andrew Gemmell, Laura Sogar, Nicolas Fink, Elizabeth Beisel, Doug Reynolds, and Melanie Margalis. His coaching experience and knowledge of swimming technique is critical to the timing required to capture underwater still photographs. His time reviewing underwater footage of the world’s fastest swimmers has honed his eye for good underwater stroke patterns and core timing.

It’s difficult for swimmers and their coaches to analyze swimming technique without using underwater photos and videos. Even top swimmers believe they are swimming in the fastest way possible, yet underwater photos and videos can reveal flaws that swimmers can’t feel and coaches can’t see from the pool deck.

Daniel Smith PR Multisport Performance Coaching

Daniel Smith at work.

With underwater video analysis, coaches can quickly optimize swimming technique to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Underwater video enables coaches and their swimmers to view and analyze technique in slow-motion, visually articulate what is happening now and what swimmers should work toward, and compare movement before and after a technique modification. Video analysis allows coaches a fish’s eye view and helps swimmers improve technique and performance very quickly.

Smith offers these underwater photography, videography, and swimming technique analysis services:

  • 2 1/2-hour swim video clinic for beginner to intermediate swimmers focusing on freestyle for triathlon. During the clinic, we will break down freestyle technique into simple components that will let swimmers feel the water in a new way and create new muscle memory. We will film each swimmer from two underwater angles and review footage as a group to discuss what each swimmer can improve to become their best.
  • Underwater photo sequence: This service is intended for intermediate to advance swimmers and is generally a one-on-one session. Focusing on one stroke, we will capture underwater still photographs from 1-3 angles, isolating the critical moments of the stroke, kick, and core timing. Smith will analyze stroke, kick and timing to identify areas for improvement. An underwater photo sequence is also a beautiful gift option for swimming enthusiasts.
  • Underwater video: This service is useful for swimmers of all abilities and is invaluable to coaches of large swim clubs and teams. Smith will capture high-quality underwater footage of your swimmers for your analysis later. [See example videos.]
  • General swimming photography: Smith is also available for over- and underwater action photography, swim meet race photographs, poolside team photographs, and lifestyle photographs. [See example photographs.]
Daniel Smith PR Multisport Performance Coaching

Smith leads an underwater swimming video clinic.

Daniel Smith offers underwater photography and videography at hourly rates affordable to triathlon clubs, masters swim teams, and college and high school swim teams. His swimming technique analysis is available for a flat fee above the hourly rate. Rates are negotiable depending on the number of athletes to be photographed or filmed and the level of analysis and coaching you would like.

To inquire about availability and rates for your team, please contact Daniel Smith at danieljs111@aol.com.