Testimony & Kudos

     Daniels underwater filming of my athletes was so incredibly helpful. In watching the videos and seeing the pictures you can see exactly what needs to be addressed to bring out the very best in your swimmers.
This technology and the incredible quality of the pictures has been an invaluable tool for me, and I am sure every coach and athlete that Daniel has worked with.1310_JDB_Kona_11617-631x421-2
Siri Lindley
ITU World Champion
World class Coach : Of Multiple World Champions
at Olympic & Long course Triathlon.




…”After a few years of working with Daniel and seeing him photograph and coach many athletes, I know he gets that teaching swimming technique is a complex and challenging task. It requires a coach to study the intricacies of the stroke and give 100% attention to understanding and then relating to each athlete this critical technique focus.I have seen that Daniel has the energy this requires and he gives 100% to his athletes and the work shows in results.”
 Sheila Taormina4x Olympian,Gold medalist, and Author of the Swim Speed Secrets Book series!22815638_10212675465735135_4270564162600278118_n







Sheri Zimmerer Branum-2016 & 2017 Top 3 & 5 in the world (AG) Championships!- Congrats!


Sheri-Podiums at Worlds ‘1



“As we’ve wrapped up this triathlon season, my triathlon team overwhelmingly named the swim clinic with you as the single most important thing we did to help them this year.” – Playmakers Triathlon Team





“Daniel is an extremely passionate, knowledgeable, and highly attentive coach. He gives 110% to his athletes. He has worked with our entire family on swim technique and training. He makes it fun and interesting. He has helped us

with the swim to prepare for world events as well as helped us come back from injuries. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their swim times!”

-Tracy Disabato-Aust – Age-Group World Champion ;Silver Medalist and 3-time USA Triathlon Age Group National Champion




4 years running!~ SWC Ohio High School Div.1 Swimming Coach of the year!Screenshot_2018-01-21-22-59-11

Kristine Urban (1st Year Long course IronMan Triathlete!)

2017 Overall Winner Deer Creek 70.3 and 2017 IronMan Louisville Finisher! (PR’d goal- by 1 hour)


 “I’ve known Daniel to be an excellent coach, able to bring out the best in his athletes, and an expert photographer and videographer for swimming analysis.”
Victor Plata
TEAM USA Triathlon
2x Olympian Triathlon
World Class coach
USA Triathlon board



Morgan Neal– 2016 -2017 and 2018 World Championship qualifierin Olypic distance!USA !~9th out of the water at worlds!22281688_10212496659105081_9118194320330740263_n






Jessica Lambert~2017 Ironmnan World Championships- Hawaii! top 35 in ag 20–24  worlds ! we are so proud of you JL!..



12472568_1151662701519633_5437343218433351855_n (1)“I have known Daniel Smith for over 6 years. He was my swim coach at Avon Lake High School throughout my 4 years on the team, where I set the new 500 Freestyle school record making it to State! *(5:09)~
* I would highly recommend Dan to any swimmer or triathlete who is looking to improve their stroke for various ability levels in the sport of swimming and triathlon. His enthusiasm, humor, and genuine love for the sport has the ability to lift anyone’s spirits no matter the circumstances. His passion and dedication to swimming and triathlon is truly remarkable and is something that is rarely seen. He also has a lot of experience and knowledge of what he teaches because he is an athlete himself. With Dan’s help, I was able to not only get through one of the most difficult times in my life, but to come out of high school with an NCAA Division II swimming scholarship. I am honored to know him and not only call him my coach, but a great friend as well. ”
⦁ Brittany Menzer 
Brittany M., Ohio High School State Championships qualifier

“When I first started triathlon I had absolutely no swim


background. Daniel was the first person that I worked with that was able to dissect my stroke and pinpoint exactly where I needed to begin working on my technique. His ability to use video analysis, along with his knowledge of pool and open-water swimming allowed me to visually grasp what I was doing incorrectly. Daniel gave me the tools I needed to get a good body position and swim straight for open-water swimming for my triathlon career.”

Erin Spitler, professional triathlete

“As my training for my first full 140.6 winds down, I wanted to take a moment and thank the people that have helped get me where I am now. Daniel Smith: thank you so much! … From the two underwater swim evaluations to meeting me for workouts, you have been a great friend and coach. In just 6 months time, my 1.2 mile swim has decreased by 7 minutes! And I feel like I’m swimming more efficientl


y, strong, and fast!”

Kimberly B

Womens Champion at USAT 70.3 :Maumee Bay tri
4th Overall Woman -Challenge new Albany 2014 (non-elite)
REV3 Cedar Point -4th Overall @Full Iron Distance woman (her first FulIron!)





“You couldn’t find a more positive person than Daniel Smith, and that’s exactly what I needed in a coach. I’ve been a solid competitive swimmer since I was young, yet Daniel was still able to focus in on ways that I could improve. After a year of working with him I had my fastest 50 freestyle time and made it to U.S. Masters Swimming Nationals! … I couldn’t have asked for more, and I’m still learning from his experience. He gives you a reason to keep working hard and gives you the extra boost when you can barely go any more. Then he teaches you how to inspire and motivate yourself the same way in a race. I can’t imagine not working with him or being a part of his team.” –

Briana B., masters swimmer nationals qualifierand age-group triathletePR Triathlon Team Coach Daniel J. Smith
“I had the honor and privilege of being coaching colleagues with Daniel Smith and Sheila Taormina for a few camps coaching the Wounded Warrior Project of the U.S. Marine Corps for the Warrior Games. Although I was assigned to coach the cycling team, Sheila and Dan coached the swimming team and I was able to also avail of their stroke analysis with Dan’s expert underwater photography. Dan was able to identify errors in my “pull” no one else have seen before since most swim coaches only see what is going on above the water. I was able to improve my swim times for both the half and Ironman distance triathlons and even set a personal best time after working with them. I highly recommend doing a swim session with Dan. Even just one session will reveal so much about your stoke technique and your ability to establish and maintain a high elbow position underwater.”

 Arland-800pxArland Macasieb MA-Exercise Physiologist– Professional Triathlete
3x Philippine National Triathlon Champion
2x South East Asian Games Medalist
Philippine Ironman Record Holder
Philippine Hour Record Holder
CEO Filipino American Triathlon Club


“When I first met Daniel, I could barely swim a la and had a great fear of open-water swimming. Through his patience, technique instruction, dry land exercises programs, endurance training, underwater video analysis and open water race simulation training. I was able to compete in many triathlons and Ironman 70.3 races.” – Ann Streza, age-group triathlete

Daniel Smith triathlon coach

“Seven years ago at the age of 57, I volunteered at a triathlon and right then and there I decided I needed to do one of these things. Biking and running didn’t present a huge problem. I trained with Daniel and  his P.R. Tri Team and worked hard on these two disciplines and learned a lot, but open water swimming proved to be a lot harder than it looked. Daniel provided me with the proper stroke techniques, planned workouts and information on how to swim in all types of water conditions. However, it was Daniel’s incredible underwater video taking and the swim clinics that I attended that put all of this together. Biking is also a huge part of triathlon and it is also very technical. With Daniel’s coaching, I was able to improve my time over the years. Thus, I went from an 64 year-old age group racer, just happy to be with friends, to qualifying for USAT National Age Group Championships, where I finished in the top 11 in the nation in 2014! I won the 2014 AG nationals Champion title at long course Aquabike and went on to becoming a member of the 2015 USAT World Triathlon Team because of the patience, swim guidance and the positive encouragement of Daniel.”

Cassandra McGuire,

2014 National champion in the Long course Aquabike,

2015 Olympic distance USA Age group world triathlon team


Coach Daniel is not only passionate about swimming, but about people.  He invested time getting to know me, finding out what I already knew, and answering my questions even before getting in the water.  This personable approach multiplied our efficiency in learning because we were able to connect at a higher level and incorporate our discussion with practical feedback in the pool.  By the end of the session, I left with drills I had practiced and knew I would be able to replicate on my own until our next follow-up session.  He even provided get-attachmenta post-workout summary of what we covered and I was able to forward the video and summary to my triathlon coach to review and schedule in to my workout plan.  What more could you ask for?

Kyle Sawyer:National Level Olympic triathlete




PR Triathlon Team Coach Daniel J. Smith


“I’ve had Dan as a coach for many years in swimming, triathlon, and track. I’ve never had a coach as enthusiastic and fun-loving as him. He really gets his athletes into the love of the sport and drives them to their maximum potential through the technique focus and workouts that are challenging. He’s not the kind of intimidating coach that pushes you because you’re afraid of him, but he’s definitely one that you’re afraid of disappointing because you know how much faith he has in you. I couldn’t ask for a better coach to motivate me to keep loving training and keep moving forward.” – Jessica Lambert, University of Alabama, 2014 SEC Championships 4th place

PR Triathlon Team Coach Daniel J. Smith

“The swim clinic by Daniel Smith and Adam Kuncel was fabulous. Well worth the time and cost…The underwater filming and stroke analysis was incredibly helpful.” – Siobhan B., New Albany Aquatics Center

~~~Hi, Dan!
I just wanted to let you know that I put into practice the techniques that you and Adam taught at the swim clinic on Sunday to great effect. My time for a 600M swim 3 weeks ago was around 20 minutes.~ I swam a timed 600M last night at Masters practice and got 12.06 minutes!

~~~So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me review my form and put the pieces together! I still have a lot of practice ahead of me, but that was an encouraging improvement. Hope to be able to come to more!
Thanks again!

~~I don’t want you thinking i make stuff up….so,here’s a few emails i got tonight!

I really enjoyed the clinic today with you and Adam, and I walked away with a lot of drills that I know will improve my kick and stroke.  I would be interested in learning more about your coaching clinics upcoming..keep me in the loop!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA~~Hey Daniel thanks for a great day! I learned a ton,  i definitely want to attend in March as a follow up.
I have read some on apple cider venegar but what benefits do you like from it?

Thanks again
~~The tri clinic was awesome and the extra time you and Adam spent is a great testimonial of your commitment to us.
I learn a ton about my swim and hope you do more or these.
Thanks brothers!


Hey guys…this clinic today was so helpful. Thank you!  Count me in for March.