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Daniel Smith completed certification of USA Triathlon and US Masters Swimming, and Div.1 High School Head Swim coach as well as an underwater photographer and videographer, whose work appears in 4 published best seller books on swimming, still competes in many sports and has made 8 USA Triathlon National Teams and qualified for US Masters swimming Nationals in freestyle and butterfly 3x!

P.R. Co-Coach Adam Kuncel  is a USA Triathlon Coach as well,  and has coached swim clinics and triathlon with Daniel for 5 years, He had also made 9 USA triathlon National AG Teams , and Has represented Team USA at the AG Worlds in 2 different distances  twice!


We Also offer a popular 2 1/2 hour swim clinic:
and will come to your team or pool!

  • intermediate swimmers focusing on freestyle or triathlon swimming.
  • We will break down freestyle technique into simple components. The in-water instruction will include stroke work and drills that teach swimmers how to feel the water in a new way and create new muscle memory for long-lasting technique improvements.
  • We will film each swimmer from two underwater angles and review footage as a group to discuss what each swimmer can improve to become their best.

We offer Swim and Triathlon clinics at hourly rates affordable to triathlon clubs, masters swim teams, and college and high school swim teams. P.R. swimming technique analysis is available for a flat fee above the hourly rate. Rates are negotiable depending on the number of athletes to be photographed or filmed and the level of analysis and coaching you would like.

To inquire about availability and rates for your team, please contact Head Coach Daniel Smith at  danieljs111@aol.com 

”   P.R. Multi-Sport Is Excited to Announce the continued Partnership with HFP Racing, for our on race site swim clinics to be held  from 3:00-4:15 Saturday’s pre-race day right after the course talk!- (see list on sign up for races we will be at!)
   These swim and Tri clinics are not meant to be a race type of clinic that you will swim  much – so that you will learn a ton, but still remain fresh for your Sunday race day!14409859_10209191211910967_6457656858862661486_o
   You will be able to take many of the tips you will learn for the swim, bike and transitions to your race day immediately and also add them in your training plan to help you get faster at future events!

@ PR Multi-Sport Clinics we Truly Love sharing our knowledge of the complicated sport of swimming, and We strive to put learning it into the simplest terms.  I’ve been honored to learn the fastest yet most efficient swimming technique, from only the absolute best swimmers I the world! After traveling with and working with, photographing many of the Worlds top swimmers for the best-selling book  series; Swim Speed Secrets , alongside author and four time Olympian Sheila Taormina!

   In Spending nearly 4 years and studying, photographing and working with over 2 dozen record holding Olympians and their coaches, across the country. I’ve learned to teach some of the basic fundamentals that we forget as triathletes.  I try to bring these insights to the clinics, to aid in implementing the thought processes, the required focus and the dedicated hard work that it takes to get faster at swimming ! 

We use clear to understand images, descriptions and accompanied by an in depth sport focused talk, to clarify it all!

Read testimonials herehttps://prtriswimcoach.com/praise/

    You will hopefully leave PR Multi-Sport clinics with new insights into swim stroke technique, applying the swim technique to your own training and your racing, also hope to teach each of you how to finally love swimming for the technical aspects, fun, and challenging process that it is !

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“last chance for the Tri season..” Come attend the PR Multi-Sport Swim/Tri clinic at Deer Creek Fall Challenge Triathlon (*3:00PM Saturday near registration area), to learn fast swim techniques used and learned by Daniel, first hand , from 24 Olympians and world record holders! ~In swimming and triathlon Racing!

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We will see you at the races !

 ~Hopefully seeing you coming out of the water much faster than you ever have before!


 Daniel Smith & Adam Kuncel

 Swim & Triathlon Coach ~ https://prtriswimcoach.com/

Select HFP Race Event -Swim Clinic   on Sat @3PM near registration area!

 *Here is a pre-Race video- to help for newer athletes!
PR Multi-sport~ video for Helping Newer athletes have a successful race! and not a Bad expierience!

We will now be holding ON-Site Triathlon and Swim clinics for Beginner to Advanced triathletes at HFP and Other events!

PR Triathlon Team Coach Daniel J. Smith