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This Is for you!~ where you can ask us a question or two :PR Multi-sport coaches-Daniel and Adam..and we will reply via a Video to help you understand and visualize the concepts better!


Daniel Smith & Adam Kuncel -at 2015 USA Tri Nationals

~fire away and we will pick the best of the Questions sent in each month!- *(and also answer and add a few of the others in text below the video!)& we are available for small and large group swim and triathlon coaching clinics!

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@ video series

One: foam rolling for recovery!
Two: on how to remove race wheels and change a flat tire!

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Tracy asked what can help all triathletes get faster in the swim

and here are the two videos -answers and examples!

#1: we all need to LEARN to kick faster,more efficiently and NOT “Save your legs for the race”..this is not true! get stronger by training the kick in ALL 3 sports and you will be faster..-

#2: arm speed in freestyle is Critical, but you NEED to train it! focus on not overreaching and build power that enables you to hold this and get a faster rate, by this Tarzann drill! 🙂
Daniel Smith